it is full

of people

who love what they do


consolidates year after year with a clear and strong goal: to be one of the biggest Latin American companies of International Logistics.

To accomplish this goal we are building a network of offices in Latin America since 2003, with the support of Latin American and American Directors, and with the conviction that in our continent our knowledge is immense and varied.

We believe that in our continent -in order to give a good Customer Service – we have to be part of it and we have to understand our people, because logistics is before all else a business made by entrepreneurs that take risks, that dream and envision with each import or export. It doesn’t matter how big or small, family business or Corporations, all of them bet on this Latin America of ours.

We the Latin Americans deserve a personalized attention, competent and warm.

Because we don’t deal only with numbers, we also deal with emotions!



Our History


Our Group


Specialist in the traffic of cargo from Asia to the Americas

Our air division stands out with a service focused on products or projects in which time is of the utmost importance

Maritime traffic. air or inland…. regular or Over sized cargo




Distribution hub in Colon - Panama
Logistic solutions for large and medium industrial companies and retailers.

Our modern tracking and follow up system based on our web page allows the entire transport route to be transparent and efficient