November 2019 - Asunción Paraguay

Air Meeting

A Team that Builds

Throughout the 16 years Masterline Group had managed to mantain a continuous growth thanks to the updating and training of our staff; this time this tradition materialized at the november 2019 Air Meeting that took place in Asunción - Paraguay.

All the Air Coordinators of Masterline Group met, with the intention to reorient our commercial air policy in the 11 countries where we have a presence.

In order to sustain our commercial cadence it was decided to give a certain priority to the commercialization of our air service, relying as usual on our commercial success and in our creative department that will provide them with adecuate tools.

The meeting also allowed us to feed the great team spirit that has always caracterized us; this “Orange Spirit” strengthens us and prepare us to face with much confidence the commercial challenges of the coming years.

Thanks Masterline Paraguay for organizing this meeting and lending us its brand new offices!


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