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Ancla 17

"These are also projects that fill us with pride, first because they are initiatives of the team itself and then because they show the quality of people that make up the orange team ...


... Thank you on behalf of the entire Masterline Group for reminding us that there are really important things in life that we should keep in mind at Christmas and always. "

Jean Armand Dessenoix



Christmas Campaign:

We win smiles and fulfill dreams

La Paz - El Alto


On December 5th the MASTERLINE offices in La Paz and El Alto joined in a Christmas project in favor of the children of the “Albergue del Bicentenario Bolivia Solidaria”, which is a temporary home for all children in situations of vulnerability and violence.

​The whole office participated with all thir love and possibilities and we want to share with you all the achievements:


- 63 Gifts for each child of the household identified by age and sex (Personalized)
- 63 Bags for each child containing sweets, small toys
- 5 Newborn Diaper Bags (60 units each)
- 36 Diaper Bags G-XG-XXG (30 units each)
- 51 Wet wipes
- 11 Formula Milks
- 3 Cans of milk
- 4 Large bags of cookies
- 3 Powder Bags of Chocolate
- 4 Bags of cereals
- 3 Bags of food supplements.

And a lot of Toys

​There were games, music, clowns, food and lots of laughs that transported us all back to childhood.

We want to thank each of the members of these two offices who have done everything possible to give a Christmas eves with joy to the children of the shelter.


May these holidays enlarge our hearts and give us hope for a better tomorrow for all.

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