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23 oversized machines from Bolivia through Chile to Colombia

A long caravan of 23 oversized machines crossed the roads of Bolivia and Chile to embark by sea towards the Colombian Pacific coast!

Crossing the Andes Mountains posed immense challenges for the entire Masterline Bolivia team, we surpassed peaks of 5000 meters above sea level to finally reach the embarkation port and hoist these colossi towards their destination.

These mechanical monsters slid over the sea to Buenaventura where our Masterline Colombia operational team was waiting for them, which organized the reception and final delivery of this immense order.

Our magnificent XXL team overcomes obstacles in every project it faces and Masterline puts its 35 offices and more than 600 people in a unique position compared to other companies in the field and they are all at your disposal in Latin America!

Our 2024 starts from strength to strength!

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