“The first day we sat at the meeting table with some apprehension and at the same time with excitement of seeing so many colleagues in the same place, all first class commercial leaders, that shared the same conviction to make history on the continent. With responsibility because we knew we were representing our teams, our 350 colleagues, our 20 offices!.
We started talking about our local experiences, about the commercial reality of our countries, about our original way of doing business, about our corporate image, about our strengths and of course about our future challenges… Bit by bit, intermingling numbers and laughter, we relaxed and we started feeling a huge positive energy that emanated from all of us. On each participation we were able to feel the pride of being part of a pioneer Company… We are making history on this vast continent!.
Around 5 years ago it was only a pretty illusion, but it was already materializing and we were present to verify it.


Thanks to all the attendees and of course many thanks to Masterline Colombia that opened their arms and their hearts for us, and made us feel many emotions”.


Jean Armand Dessenoix



“The meeting in Colombia was a great experience, to see and feel the experience and the battles of each of our members in our markets filled us with energy, very similar in courage, in passion".

Pablo Montellano






For the third time in the history of Masterline a great meeting took place in Bogota-Colombia, where all the Directors and Managers gathered along with some of the responsible people from the commercial areas of the Group, including the representatives of the new offices of Guatemala and El Salvador. The two divisions of Masterline Group were present: Masterline Central America and The Caribbean, and Masterline South America.


They were 20 people and 10 countries, representing almost 350 individuals that integrate this big family.

It was a week of lots of energy, of spiritual moments where the joy of the team was reflected while sharing the same destiny; we nourished from the force of the other teams, we feel backed-up by a solid structure with no mental or physical barriers. On these 13 years we’ve planted the orange flag of Masterline Group in 10 countries! And we are sure that on the next 10 years we will cover the entire continent! "It’s not ambition, it’s logic".

"The future depends of what we do in the present".

Henry Ford


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